First Ascent Uptown – Chicago, IL

Cool gym! Good setting, but still left wanting more! Probably no more than 10 problems V7+

Always a challenge transitioning to new setting. Sharpens my route reading but more often than not I find myself wishing there were feet where I would expect them to be. This one was tough for me to be truly objective because there were not many people at the gym when I went. I find that I enjoy myself a lot more if there are other people to bounce beta around with and I did not have that here. If I couldn’t figure a sequence out or it seemed incredibly awkward I assumed it was poor setting.

First Ascent Uptown
Wall Space(0-10)7
Wall Shape(0-10)5
Setting Quality(0-10)6
Route Density(0-10)5
Grade Spread(0-10)8
Wall Material(0,2.5,5)2.5
Climbing Training Equipment(0-5)3
General Training Equipment(0-3)2
Total Score(68)41