Welcome to my scattered collection of thoughts as it relates to climbing! Mostly gym reviews, but other stuff may leak in from time to time

Quick blurb about myself — I’ve been climbing since 2013. I fell in love with the sport and haven’t looked back since. I started reviewing gyms as something fun to do while I travel for work. I’m gone about half of the year to various cities so it provides a great opportunity to see many new places! Last count I clocked in at forty different gyms.

Climbing has afforded me many wonderful opportunities to visit some truly beautiful places and meet some of my closest friends.

More important than anything else however, is my relationship with Jesus. My purpose, value, and worth all come from Him. He created me and gave me everything that makes me, well, me! My sense of humor, my love of climbing, my job, my family, my relationships — everything! Without the Gospel I would have nothing. No hope, no truth, and no lens to view the world. I am truly blessed in many ways and I am reminded of that every time I make a new friend in a new city or when I return home and can enjoy the company of my family.

Thank you Lord!

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