Active Climbing – Athens, GA

A little late on this one! I was in Jefferson, GA for work and this was the closest gym. I gotta’ say I loved it! I felt like I was at home. The setting was great, hold selection was familiar, and the movement flowed! Nothing jumpy. Old school bouldering as it were. The difficulty was spread out nicely too. Good warm-ups with a variety of angles so I could do some easier crimp problems and get the blood flowing into those pesky joints!

‘The Wave’ – by far one of the best features I’ve climbing thus far

So thankful for the amazing community at @activeclimbing ! They welcomed me into the family and Adrian even let me set for a few days! I’m going to miss this place and the friends that I made 😊 I look forward to returning someday! I don’t say this lightly, but of all the gyms I’ve been to this is one I would love to return to.

Active Climbing
Wall Space(0-10)6
Wall Shape(0-10)8
Setting Quality(0-10)8
Route Density(0-10)6
Grade Spread(0-10)8
Wall Material(0,2.5,5)5
Climbing Training Equipment(0-5)3
General Training Equipment(0-3)2
Total Score(68)51