Hoosier Heights Indianapolis – Indianapolis, IN

Great time at Hoosier Heights! Moves for Muir was so fun! A few firsts for me too, which is always nice. Never been in a comp with a ‘finals’ problem and never made it to finals. Being in iso waiting for your name to be called is pretty cool! Took 3rd overall which is better than I thought I’d do. So thankful for this weird obsession many of us call a sport haha

As far as the gym goes the setting was on point. I don’t know if the setting at the comp is different in style to the gym overall, but I enjoyed every problem I climbed. Great spread of difficulty, though at the upper end (v9+) I felt that the setting broke down. That could be me not knowing the beta or simply not strong enough to do the moves, but they didn’t even feel reasonable so I’m not sure…

Free standing boulder off to the side

Either way, quality setting! Facility is large and open with a unique arch that climbs over a foam pit. Good amount of bouldering wall space, but with it being monochromatic the density was lacking. The space could have been used a bit better with a good amount of ‘dead’ space between and around the walls.

Hoosier Heights Indianapolis
Wall Space(0-10)8
Wall Shape(0-10)6
Setting Quality(0-10)7
Route Density(0-10)5
Grade Spread(0-10)7
Wall Material(0,2.5,5)5
Climbing Training Equipment(0-5)3
General Training Equipment(0-3)3
Total Score(68)49