Sender One Santa Ana – Santa Ana, CA

I went to Sender One a few nights ago and it was great!

Excellent setting, a community of strong climbers (way stronger than me! Haha) and great walls.

I would definitely say this is the main section / wall. At least as far as getting strong and powerful movement in. They have a few vert /slab walls as well.


This cave was nutty! Probably 15 feet of roof climbing with tons of powerful moves with toe hooks / heels / bicycles. Looking forward to getting back on some of these problems!

The hold selection was as good as you’d be expect from a mega gym, but the setting was consistent, pretty accurately graded, and no comp problems as far as I could tell. I prefer when a gym brackets grades since a v-grade indoors is hard without consensus. They definitely had at least 20 problems that were over v6 with plenty at the top end too.

I will definitely be back!

Sender One Santa Ana
Wall Space(0-10)7
Wall Shape(0-10)6
Setting Quality(0-10)7
Route Density(0-10)5
Grade Spread(0-10)8
Wall Material(0,2.5,5)2.5
Climbing Training Equipment(0-5)4
General Training Equipment(0-3)3
Total Score(68)45