Crux Climbing Center – Austin, TX

Decided to catch up on my reviews on my flight home from Austin! What better time than when you’re stuck in the middle seat haha

The “cave” room with climbing on all sides

Crux was a really cool gym. The facility was big with all the modern amenities you’d expect from a new gym. There was a lot of wall space with pretty good angles. They have this ‘cave’ room that I did not love, but I could see it having some interesting problems.

One of the coolest wall features I’ve ever seen was their‘comp wall’. It huge, wide, and changeable! I don’t know the specifics behind how they change it, but it sounds like it’s modular with changing angles. They alter the entire wall once a year.

(The featured image is of the comp wall)

One of the better main walls

The walls were textured which is a thumbs down, but it wasn’t the worst texture I’ve yet to encounter. They used screw-on holds on volumes, but not the wall itself from what I saw. The setting quality was good,mostly really solid climbs with a few OK ones. The grading was a little soft in my opinion, but still enjoyable!

The problem density is something I found low. Even though they are monochromatic, there was ample space to fit in more problems. Take advantage of the wall space you paid for!

Training area up stairs with a moon board, hangboards, a campus board, a great systems board and lifting equipment

They had a great workout area with lots of climbing specific equipment as well as pretty much every ‘standard’ thing you’d expect to see.

I met some cool dudes at Crux and I look forward to climbing with them again should I find myself back in their neck of the woods!

Crux Climbing Center
Wall Space(0-10)7
Wall Shape(0-10)8
Setting Quality(0-10)8
Route Density(0-10)6
Grade Spread(0-10)8
Wall Material(0,2.5,5)2.5
Climbing Training Equipment(0-5)3
General Training Equipment(0-3)2
Total Score(68)47