Progression Climbing – Raleigh, NC

This is the first time in months that I wrote a review within a few days of visiting the gym! I kind of was in a lull where I didn’t want to write, but I think writing the other reviews and getting into again has renewed my enjoyment of it!

There may come a time where I taper off and don’t write as often or regularly, but I will always document the gyms I visit so I have that option to review later.

The main wall. Great angle selections! The picture doesn’t quite do it justice, but the ‘feature’ photo should show the angles a bit better. It reminded me of a smaller Focus without the crazy roof sections.

At any rate, on to the gym! This place is definitely like a hole in the wall, but don’t let that deter you. The facility was excellent. Not a lot of wall space, but the angles were great! Nothing crazy overhung, but enough kickback and consistency it allowed the setting to thrive.

The itself was excellent! A little on the comp-style side, but it was still very enjoyable. The walls were smooth (woo!), but they didn’t use any screw-ons (boo…)

Decent route density and grade range, but the distribution at the top end was somewhat lacking. They had one V10, a few V9s, and maybe five V8s?

The slab, vert, and overhung wall. I enjoyed that 45! (or 30? not really sure.. haha)

The harder stuff was set to my style and I enjoyed it a lot, but I felt that despite that the grading was still pretty soft.

Campus board + peg board thing

There was a small training area in the front and the back. Campus board, peg board, system wall, and some pull up stuff.

Training corner with the hangboards, system board, and pull up stuff

All in all, a great gym! Met some cool people and would definitely enjoy climbing here again!

Progression Climbing
Wall Space(0-10)7
Wall Shape(0-10)8
Setting Quality(0-10)9
Route Density(0-10)6
Grade Spread(0-10)7
Wall Material(0,2.5,5)5
Climbing Training Equipment(0-5)3
General Training Equipment(0-3)1
Total Score(68)46