Mosaic Climbing – Loveland, OH

Mosaic is the new kid on the block for Cincinnati. It is the first new gym since 1993 and it has been a long time coming! Initially slated to open in late 2017 but due to delays in wall shipments and construction it did not open until the middle of 2019.

Parent gym is LEF in Lexington which I have not written a review for yet – someday soon!

Mosaic is far more sport oriented than bouldering and as always my reviews do not take that into consideration. Overall this gym would certainly rank higher as an all-around quality gym, but because I focus solely on bouldering it did not fare as well as others.

Due to the limited height and space for the bouldering area the wall design was hindered. The quantity of wall space is slightly above average, but it is almost entirely vert or slab. As the pictures show there is only really one overhanging portion that covers less than 20% of the overall wall space.

The slab and vertical portion are well designed so I cannot knock them for that, but the sheet quantity is a disappointment. I understand that sacrifices have to be made, but I would rather see more overhung even if that meant less wall space in total. The density of problems could always be increased to offset the reduction.

One thing I really enjoyed about the gym was what they call the ‘gramwall’. It gets a new problem each week that is very technical or beta intensive.

As far as the setting style and quality it is shifting more into the comp world. A lot of balance and technique oriented climbing with less focus on power and endurance. Given the height and shape of the wall this should come as no surprise. The quality of setting is good throughout. There were very few problems I tried that I did not care for, but an overwhelming majority that I enjoyed. Not many that stood out as GREAT, but still fun!

Grading was mostly focused on the v0 – v5 with probably twice as many in that range as the v6-v9 range.

Textured Walltopia walls which are not my favorite, but due serve a purpose. Particularly in slab when smearing is half the challenge. Screw-ons were used so another positive!

Climbing focused training equipment includes a moonboard, two hangboards, and a campus board.

Climbing training equipment + ‘gramwall’ on the right side

In the back there is a full work-out gym with cardio and weights plus several other machines.

Mosaic Climbing
Wall Space(0-10)6
Wall Shape(0-10)5
Setting Quality(0-10)7
Route Density(0-10)6
Grade Spread(0-10)7
Wall Material(0,2.5,5)2.5
Climbing Training Equipment(0-5)4
General Training Equipment(0-3)3
Total Score(68)45.5